Spreading Positivity Around Wilmington

spreading positivity in Wilmington

Spreading Happiness

I know it’s been a hard year or so on everyone for multiple reasons, so I wanted to try and spread some happiness around town! At least once a month I take to the streets of Wilmington with my sign full of positive affirmations with the goal to brighten someone’s day! Sometimes I will get some flowers from Petals to the People and hand those out as well. Doing this fulfills me! It gives me purpose makes me happy knowing that I make others happy. 

I was recently interviewed by Spectrum News 1 about my experiences spreading positivity throughout Wilmington. You can read more about that in this article

In the News

Erica Stillman has a simple goal in life: to make people happy, which is something she does in an interesting way. She spends her time dancing with a positive sign and handing out flowers to strangers. 

“As long as I can make one person smile a day, I’ve done my job,” Stillman said. “I’ve done the one thing that fulfills me, and that is my purpose.”

Actually, this a full-time job for Stillman. When she’s not dancing with her sign, she’s life-coaching.

So I do holistic life-coaching in general,” Stillman said. “And my everyday balance is literally how I can help people change their mindsets and specifically their daily habits.”

She helps her clients make positive changes in their lives by introducing positivity and light, which is exactly what she’s does when she’s out with her sign.

“So my whole goal is for you to just come out, if you see my sign, I hope it makes you smile. I hope it changes your narrative, I hope it gives you some light for the day and I hope it gives you some light for the nation and for the world because right now a lot of things are very heavy, especially after COVID, it’s been a lot of hard on people’s mental,” Stillman said.

Stillman can be contacted at 910-660-9125 for any holistic life-coaching needs. You can also visit her website or her office located at 1015 S. Kerr Ave in Wilmington. 

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