Jumping to My Timely Death

Jumping to my timely death-jump

Before the Jump

I woke up early on the 4th of September, about 5:45am. I could hardly sleep the night before in anticipation of the day’s agenda. My friends and I had put deposits down to go skydiving that morning in Southport, NC. Eagerly, I rise from my slumber to start my daily routine. Laying blankets on the ground, I started my morning meditation and I got comfortable. I started with my breath work, taking a deep breath in, and strongly exhaling out. Then I moved into visualizing how I wanted to manifest my “skydiving” day. I imagined that I’d get a hot guy with comedic relief to help with any nervousness to better my experience. I imagine myself smiling from ear to ear as we ascend to the ground. Opening my eyes after the meditation was over, a warm feeling overtook my body. I felt invincible. I continue getting ready and await my ride.

The vehicle pulls up with a group of women. There were four ladies patiently waiting for me to get in. Taylor and Jaya were already my friends, but there were two other ladies I’d just gotten acquainted with. In route, we all took turns sharing what was our reason for going skydiving that day. One by one each of us shares our story. As It gets to Taylor’s turn she claims she wanted to go for her 28th birthday, which is officially in a few days from today. She said if she didn’t make it out alive, she’d “join the 27th year club.”

Why I Wanted to Jump

As it got to my turn, I explained that it was my birthday two weeks ago, so originally that was why I agreed to go with Taylor for “our birthdays.” But if 2020 COVID taught me anything, it’s that life is too short, and nothing is promised. I vowed to live everyday like it’s my last and to live presently in each Divine Moment. It was another synchronicity that two days before was the 7 year anniversary “death date” of my deceased brother. A full circle to remind me to live every day to its fullest. “Here’s knocking off another thing on my bucket list!” We all cheered!

We arrived early to the aircraft landing, so early in fact we beat the staff. We sat outside at a picnic table until people arrived. Then suddenly from around the corner we were greeted by these sweet dogs and a staff member who came out to bring us inside to get checked in. We entered a small room with a TV hanging on the wall. We were handed a packet and asked to take our weights. As we sat down to watch the training video, we read over the packet. Have you ever heard the expression “signing your life away?” Well that’s exactly what that packet WAS. One of the ladies with us was a lawyer and as she was reading the documents over, she expressed uneasiness for us to sign the packet. We all figured at this point we knew this was dangerous before we got here… Death is a very real possibility when you’re jumping out of an airplane. It’s not a hobby for everyone. Initialing every line of my packet and signing my “John Hancock,” I was ready for the unknown. We handed in our packets and payments and patiently waited for our individual instructors.

Going Up

I ran into the locker room to grab my photocard for my video shoot documentary I paid for. When I came out, my instructor was waiting for me. Just as I manifested in my meditation, a hot guy with a great smile who had jokes. I couldn’t help but grin. He tried to give me the instructions as he was hooking me into the harness but there was too much going on to focus. Lot’s of energy in the room, people moving and talking everywhere. I told him he’d have to explain the instructions a few more times – he already knew. Repetitiveness is key. I tried to listen as some of the other instructors were explaining to my friends. The instructors have very different personality types. We started to line up to walk to the small yellow plane. Tyler, my instructor, asked the group who wanted to go first, and Taylor responded she did. It was her birthday, and she didn’t want to watch us jumping out. Tyler looked at me and said “We’re going second, right?” I said “YEAH!” I was actually really excited at this point.

Walking up the stairs to get inside this tight plane, we packed in like sardines on top of each other. Tyler sits down behind me and starts to buckle my harness to his. He pulls me back abruptly to sit on his lap to tighten the latches. I couldn’t help but laugh. He’s been recording me the whole time. As we ascend into the sky, he’s a great tour guide explaining all of our surroundings outside of the plane. He kept me laughing the whole time. The view was breathtaking. The weather was perfect with a low wind chill. This was when it started to hit me. WE’RE ABOUT TO JUMP OUT OF AN AIRPLANE. OH SHIT. I had been “Eerie” calm for the last two days leading up to today. When the plane got to about 4,000 ft, the instructor opened the airplane door. It immediately reminded me of the video I had everyone watch the night before of WILL SMITH describing why people should go skydiving. He said “and then you suddenly realize you’ve never been in an airplane with the door wide open.” I reiterated this sentiment to the plane’s current occupants, and we all laughed. Then, they closed the door to keep ascending to 14,000 ft.

The Jump

As we level off in the sky, the instructor opens the door again. The crew slowly starts getting prepared, watching the light on the side of the plane go from “red to green.” Green meaning GO just like a traffic light. The first two guys to jump are the video crew. They grab hands and jump right out doing back flips in the sky. First up was Taylor. I see her Instructor carry her in front of him like a baby in a carriage to the edge. Tyler, my instructor, lifts us up and glides carefully to the edge. Holding onto the sides of the plane, I’m immediately smiling! I wanted to just jump out so bad, I couldn’t wait! 3-2-1 leaning my head back on him, putting my feet in between his we flew into the sky. I was laughing, smiling, and crying happy tears all at the same time. I’ve never been so happy in my life. I throw out the Peace signs for the camera. I tried to stick my hands in front of me like a superhero. After all, I wore my WONDER WOMAN t-shirt specifically for this skydiving jump. It was harder than it looked.

This moment became my new “favorite memory” of myself. We were free falling for 55 seconds. I actually had the thought “how long do we fall for?” Just then, Tyler taps on my right shoulder to inform me that we are about to launch the parachute. I’m cradled in as my stomach drops like we’re on a rollercoaster taking a deep dive. I look up above at our beautiful yellow parachute. It was just magical. Taking in the view of the ocean and everything around us, I’m realizing the view when parachuting is much different than the view looking out the window when flying inside a plane. Being outside the plane, I’m experiencing being one with the atmosphere at the same time as witnessing the atmosphere layers that envelope the planet.

Tyler, checking in, asks me how I’m feeling. I reply “euphoric!” I immediately thought to myself, okay I’m ready to get back in the plane and jump out again. The Feeling of Free Fall was absolutely amazing!

He tells me to grab a hold of the handles to the parachute. It’s time to have some more fun. We were just gliding around in the sky. Then, pulling down with my left arm, we start spiraling out and exponentially increasing the thrill. This part of the experience lasts five minutes, incredible.

Safe Landing

Now it’s time to start preparing for the land on the ground. The weather was so perfect we were able to land in a standing position. I carefully balanced my legs up to sit on my butt, and then I could stand. We had a perfect, safe landing! I look around to watch the other ladies come down one by one after me. I remember the air feeling oddly different and my eardrums were popping. I was ready to go again. I thanked Tyler for the experience and keeping me safe. My life was literally in his hands….

What this Experience Meant to Me

What I gathered most from this incredible experience is that fear can be debilitating, but right on the other side of that immobilizing fear is BLISS. Fear can be our biggest teacher. It can help us to be “safe and cautious.” However, it can also hold you back from the most incredible experiences. I hope you’ll keep that in mind next time you’re afraid to start that new business, go on that first date, or even jump out of an airplane. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens. You won’t ever know unless you try! Life is too short not to be the best version of yourself and experience the best things this world has to offer. We’ve been blessed enough to be in this human form and have experiences that only the physical form can offer. So why not you?

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