Emergency Contact

Nothing seems more scary than realizing that nobody knows who they should call (my emergency contact) should I have an accident or if an emergency arises? I had this very real experience just recently.

I was very dehydrated and my body was trying to adapt to the heat of an 80’ degree day. My stomach was also rumbling. I was at a local brewery with approximately 20 friends, celebrating one of their birthdays, drinking a glass of prosecco.  I only planned on staying for one drink because I was planning to go kayaking that afternoon. But suddenly those plans weren’t even on my horizon.

One moment I’m just laughing along at some jokes when suddenly I get an alert on my watch, “warning your heart-rate is elevated 120’”. A prickly feeling went up to my cerebral cortex and I’m aware that my heart feels like it is beating through my chest. My thought process is “I’m scared; why is my watch warning suddenly going off”? Before I know it, I feel my body crashing. I look to my friend (the birthday girl) and plead to drink her water.  The next moment, I’m slouched up dangling on her arm. She thinks I’m being sweet and “resting” on her, but in fact, I can’t move (I’m immobilized). When my friend shifted, I slid off of her and BLACKED OUT / FAINTED. 

After a bit, I come to again but still feeling disorientated I see a mixture of friends and strangers around my head/body. I vaguely hear my name being shouted. Lots of unidentified hands are touching me. They are attempting to hold me up in place, balancing my head. Others are patting me down with a cold rag. I hear the mention of 911 being called. Immediately my heart starts beating out of my chest again. I couldn’t believe/understand what had just happened. I wasn’t fully aware I’d just passed out. The moment I realized my friends were calling the ambulance for me, I went into full blown panic mode. I did not want to go to the hospital. One of my friends, sensing my panic, jumped to my rescue. She guided my breathing and kept my mind stimulated. She assured me the ambulance EMTs were just going to get more fluids in me and ask me some questions. We tried to move outside to wait for the ambulance, but I felt like I was jello. I couldn’t feel my legs. I knew I couldn’t stand. 

The medical crew finally arrived and helped slowly guide me to the truck. My friends asked me “WHO is your emergency contact?”; they don’t know who to call now that I was newly single. After pondering this a bit, they call one of my best friends that wasn’t already present at this gathering. The EMTs finally talk me off the ledge, hydrate me, and send me on my merry way.

My friend drove me home and a few other friends came over that night to keep their eyes on me. Everyone at the party checked in every few hours to make sure I was okay. We were all scared that day. 

We all need to know who we can trust in when dire moments arise. But I realized, in that moment, how incredible it was that I could trust strangers and friends alike to work together to come to my aid in my time of need (we are all One/Connected in God). 

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