Behaviors of the Awakened

Inspired from reading Conversations with God book 4 – Awaken the Species by Neale Donald Walsch


  1. See the Unity of All Life and believe in it.
  2. Always tell the truth.
  3. Speaks about action, and physically takes action.
  4. Having seen and acknowledged what is, will always do what works.
  5. Does not embrace a principle of “justice” and “punishment” (knows that justice is an action not a reaction).
  6. Does not embrace a principle of “insufficiency”.
  7. Does not embrace a principle of “ownership.” (My boyfriend, my girlfriend).
  8. Shares everything with everyone all the time.
  9. Creates a balance between technology and cosmology, between machines and nature.
  10. Never under any circumstances terminate the current physical expression of another sentient being unless asked directly by that other being to do so.
  11. Never do anything that could potentially damage or harm the physical environment that supports the members of that environment.
  12. Never poisons itself.
  13. Never competes.
  14. Is clear that it needs nothing.
  15. Experiences and expresses unconditional love for everyone.
  16. Has harnessed the power of metaphysics.
  17. Share openly and authentically with those whose lives you touch both your struggles and your progress on the path to full awakening.
  18. Create a reason. The question “why” must be asked. Then your answer must be given.
  19. Be grateful for everything presenting itself in ones’s life (and I do mean everything).
  20. Choose a State of Being in advance of anything you know you are going to think, say or do. Life has very little to do with what you are doing and very much to do with what you are being while you are doing it. The surprising thing about this is that through pure intention “beingness’ is transformed from a reaction to a creation.
  21. Go with the SOUL. Most often, you respond to whatever is happening in your life-whether it is an illness, a disappointment, a happy surprise, whatever it might be-from the logic center in your mind. You analyze the data that your mind holds regarding the experience at hand, and that is the place from which your reaction emerges. It is possible for you to cultivate the ability to respond from the wisdom center in your soul. Here, the data regarding the experience at hand is unlimited and expansive, and includes considerations and understandings that may not have been even conceived of in the mind. The soul is the place within which everything you know is already integrated, and simply awaits the outward expression of that. So take a moment whenever anything is confronting you-something that you call “good news” or something you call “bad news”-(ask yourself: what does this have to do with the Agenda of my Soul?) and instruct your mind to let you act as if you are out of your mind. Then notice your response emerge without thinking, producing a spontaneous demonstration of your soul’s wisdom and awareness.
  22. Do not entertain negative thoughts in your mind. If a negative thought did happen to slip in, you would get it out of your mind immediately. You would think of something else, deliberately.
  23. Love yourself fully, just as you are. Love everyone else fully, just as they are. Love life fully just as it is. Need nothing to change and see everything as simply something you are moving through so that you can Know about it, and create a contextual field providing you with an opportunity to demonstrate Who You Are.
  24. Forgive no one and nothing ever again, out of knowing that forgiveness is neither necessary or natural for humans who are aware that they are awake. Be aware that injury is not possible in the experience of Divinity (God sends us nothing but Angels).
  25. A person who is awake would not mourn the death of another, not even for a moment. You might mourn your loss but never their death.
  26. You would not fear or mourn your own death.
  27. You would be aware that everything is energy in vibration. You would pay more attention to the vibration of everything you eat, wear, watch, read or listen to, and most important, of everything that you think, say, and do. You would immediately adjust the vibration of your own energy and the life energy that you are creating around you if you find that it is not in resonance with the highest knowing you have about Who You Are, and the experience of this that you choose to demonstrate.

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